I love music and sports (I usually go out running, rollerblading or swimming) but my real hobby is to learn new technologies. Right now I am the co-organizer of the LaravelBA meetup (a local meetup about Laravel and PHP). Also you can find a lot of repositories in my Github profile with things I made learning new technologies (I am really enthusiastic with Golang right now), some of them are WIP.

A couple of years ago, I started playing with data visualizations. Looking for datasets made me learn about the world of Open Data. Thank to this, I started working in my free time with Datos Democráticos a platform that focused to open datasets that are not published in the way that allow people to work with them. One example is the publication of the amount of the international reserves of the BCRA (Central Bank of Argentina Republic) and its visualization Reservas Hoy.

Also, I made Saisiner, a webapp that allows people to track their trips (I made it to track a trip I made with friends around Europe). It is now the first Beta and I’m looking for freetime to add tons of planning features (and of course monetization).


Germán G. Lena

I make software & stuff

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